Twitter Logo After Larry Bird?

Twitter Logo After Larry Bird?

by ORTAK CALISMA on Apr 16, 2021

If you've ever spent even a minute on Twitter, you'd know the website is bird-themed. 

Posts are called tweets, new users have an egg as their photo (at least, they used to), and the "home" button looks like a bird flying through the air.

As it turns out, that bird has a name. It was named after another famous Bird -- Larry Bird. Hoosier, former Indiana State basketball player and Indiana Pacers executive Larry Bird.

Yes, the little blue bird's name is Larry. A tweet from 2011 confirmed the name.

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, went to high school near Boston in the 1980s. Which would put him right on track to being a fan of the Boston Celtics in Bird's heyday with the team.



And while it's unclear if Bird cares that an online avatar was named after him, or if he uses Twitter ... or even knows what it is, he will certainly have more time to tweet now that he's stepped down as the Pacers president.