Hornets Announcers Call LeBron James The Coach

Hornets Announcers Call LeBron James The Coach

by Blog Admin on Apr 16, 2021

At 36-years-old, LeBron James remains one of the best players in basketball. Looking even past his physical abilities on the court, it is his leadership that really sets him apart from the rest.

In Tuesday’s game against the Hornets, Bron again put his leadership on full display, taking up a coach-like mantle on the sidelines. Not even the Hornets announcers could help themselves from noticing and commenting on his activity.

“LeBron James… he’s not even in uniform and he’s the de facto assistant coach. Maybe the head coach.”

Even when he’s not playing, Bron is active and participating in the game, batting for his team with the refs, and seemingly giving them some thoughts on the game plan.

Obviously, James still has years of playing days ahead of him, so there’s no reason to doubt he’ll be hanging up his sneakers anytime soon. But when that day does arrive, there is little doubt that opportunities will surface for him in the coaching world. Whether it’s for the Lakers, Heat, Cavs, or any other squad, his genius and mastery of the game are clearly extensive.

For now, though, his little spat with the refs is about the extent of what we’ll see out of “coach James.”