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Hoopsbasket and it's partners are working intensely to provide you the best basketball products, with our target of being the leader worldwide basketball brand. Our goal is globalizing Hoopsbasket to the entire World. You've come to the right place, if you want to be a part of a growing worldwide basketball brand.

🏀We manufacture 500 different basketball products in Turkey and we've been selling in Los Angeles in America for about 3 years. We want to expand our sales network in different states in America and many European countries. We are looking for sales partners or companies that can cooperate with us.
We think that we are the world's leading company that can produce so many products in basketball. In short, we are looking for business partners in the basketball market. Our goal is to be the best basketball brand in the world. 
Join our team today and start working in a pleasant, friendly and dynamic work environment! Take your market by storm and develop a business partnership with Hoopsbasket in a growing industry that respects sustainable development philosophies.
How will we work?
We can market your basketball jerseys and equipment physically and digitally in your own region. You can set up an e-commerce site and/or social media accounts for this. We will constantly support you so that you can do these works without any mistakes and we will constantly check to avoid mistakes when ordering. You can start your own company. You will receive the payments from the customer, you will issue the invoice. We will send the products to you, you will give the cargo to the customer. The products are produced in Turkey, and we will send it to you by land or plane. We will provide you with information on many subjects such as size chart, fabric and print types on jerseys and other textile products. If you or the customer provide incomplete or inaccurate information, we will identify them and obtain your consent to do the right thing. There are many companies in shipping. We will find the most suitable company and send the cargo to you with it.

As Hoopsbasket, our prominent features are as follows;
- Company owner and most of the employees are former basketball players and basketball coaches, so the team is made up of people who know basketball well.
-Our company manufactures 500 kinds of basketball products and this is the widest range of basketball in the world.
-Our company was established in 2006, and has 17 years of experience.
-We have an amazing software that we can say is the first in the world. 
We created a "design it yourself" software that includes AR and VR technologies. We are planning to open a store in Metaverse. And we will sell NFT basketball products with crypto pata. By establishing our virtual store, we want to provide a customer experience with virtual reality glasses. We will make this software available to our business partners free of charge.

"Design it yourself" software, video

Our 5-year business development plans are ready, we will be pleased to see you with us on the way to becoming the best basketball brand in the world.
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Get high margin rates on sales as well as preferential pricing that decreases based on quantity ordered annually. Obtain exclusive distribution rights for your region .

Access resources such as marketing assistance to help you grow your business. Enhance your web presence through our IT assistance to help you create your own distribution website. Leverage our web and media presence to build your reputation and gain visibility.

With pre-sales support, installation training, product and technical specialist training and updates, we provide you with the information you need to grow your business and accelerate sales. We also provide legal and logistical assistance.

Become part of a worldwide participating group with other distributors who aim to facilitate your sales by sharing and exchanging leads. Your feedback is important to us and we provide you with senior management and listen to your views.

Become part of a team dedicated to continuous improvement to develop innovative and high-performance products that benefit people and the environment, as well as social and economic development. Our multi-certified green product has relevant added value in terms of performance, safety, health and environmental benefits.

We will help you maximize your sales volume with world-class training and promotional documents, joint sales meetings or calls, trade missions, deal registration, trademarks and demo programs, as well as the option to attend promotional events with you.