Basketball jerseys history from short jerseys to customizable jerseys

Basketball jerseys history from short jerseys to customizable jerseys

by Güney Dündar on Jun 10, 2022

Basketball itself and also basketball jerseys developed themselves over the last century. The first ever basketball game took place in YMCA gymnasium in NY on 1892. Altlhough the basketball looks like having a long history. It is safe to say that it has a relatively short history compared to the other sports. During this period of time while typing this blog its been already 130 years passed since the first game and basketball jerseys itself have also changed and still changing consistently.

Since basketball is a team sport, players must wear a uniform jerseys. Some call it uniforms, some call it jersey and some call it strip and some call it sportsgear in general, yet all has one thing in common. If we are considering the basketball they consist of a short and a top jersey. The jerseys point coordination among players at all times but the material and the sizes changed drastically.


Between 1920 and 1940 players were wearing mid length shorts and jerseys that are produced from wool material. In addition to this information also in those days women and children had to wear knee pads during the games.

1960's basketball jerseys

As 1960's began basketball jerseys became tighter and they started to fit more to the players body. Basketball jerseys in those days were pretty different than todays jerseys, yet one thing was common. The headbands. The headbands were so popular almost every people who have a basketball jersey also had a headband in 1960's.

In 1982 cotton and polyester are started to getting used as the main material for the basketball jerseys. By the mid 1970 satin basketball shorts replaced its place with pinhole mesh material. And it helped basketball jerseys to becomae looser and players got the better movement ability.


Then the player who changed the game came. In 1987 THE MAJESTY Micheal Jordan had a request to the manufacturer of all jerseys for NBA teams in those days. The request was simple. He wanted basketball jerseys to become longer.

After millenium basketball jerseys started to become customizable. Customization methods became more common and teams were customizing the jerseys according to their preferences.

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