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Help the Cause | We Love the Earth

by volkan çetin on Apr 17, 2021

The Earth needs our help. If we don’t make massive changes to our behavior over the next twelve years, the damage we’ve done to this planet will be irreversible. Oceans will be destroyed, super storms will become even more super, cities will flood, the air will suck, and we’ll run out of food and energy. And not in a couple of hundred years either, scientists say it's right around the corner. But the power to prevent this is in our hands! We can save the Earth !!!

Click this link and share the Earth song like us!

As the song gets more and more streams, not only will we all become more aware, but we’ll also generate more and more profits to donate to various environmental organizations. So share the heck out of it!

You can also help the cause of We Love The Earth by signing the petition where you can reach here

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