ShotDoc - The Best Shooting Aid From

ShotDoc - The Best Shooting Aid From

by ORTAK CALISMA on Apr 07, 2021

Shooting the basketball is an important skill that all players should possess. In fact, it is probably the most important skill in basketball. How many times have you seen a shooter get hot and bring his team back in the game?

Contrarily, how many times have you seen a defense completely sag off of a player because they know they have no chance at making a shot?

Both situations happen all of the time in basketball. You don’t want to be the team that everybody sags off of or plays zone against. You need to have great shooters.

Following this idea, among the factors that make the most difference in the game of basketball, shooting percentage has to be at, or very near, the top of the list.

From both perspectives, team and individual, shooting at a relatively high percentage is a critically important goal. As a coach, player, or parent, you will want to do everything possible to build up your team's, your own, or your youngster's shooting percentage.

So consider these FOUR points:

1 - A very small improvement in shooting percentage will win more games!

2 - Good shooters will completely change the dynamics of your offense and make it easier to get lay ups!

3 - Good shooting can get you more playing time!

4 - Great shooting can take you a long way in basketball and can even get you a college scholarship!

So when you consider these points want to become a scoring machine? The secret to great basketball shooting is learning how to shoot a basketball with accuracy on a consistent basis. Here are is great basketball training aid from  that you might find helpful in improving your ability to sink more shots!

Shot Doc, Shot Assistant, Basketball Training Aid, Finger Pads, Soft Silicone


Improve your style and fingertip sensitivity with ShotDoc.
This small shooting assistant equally seperates the fingers and allows the ball to fit the fingers. Supports correct technique for better shooting, dribbling and passing.
• Easy to wear and flexible.
• Made from material which avoids fungi and bacteria.
• 5 different sizes are available for every user.

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