Shooting Revolution In Basketball: How Can You Improve Your Shot?

Shooting Revolution In Basketball: How Can You Improve Your Shot?

by Selcuk Saracoglu on Jan 13, 2023

Value of shooting the basketball is growing every single year. Use of the analytics and the effect that Stephen Curry had on revolutionizing the game of basketball have been in the forefront of this growth. Kids wanted to be like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James for decades. Running, jumping and dunking… But Steph Curry, the greatest shooter the world has ever seen, have changed that.

Kids want to shoot like Curry nowadays, and they want to have that same swagger. Not only he influenced the new generations, but he influenced the players that are older than him. Even an athletic freak of nature like LeBron James improved his range, and now he can shoot 3 pointers from the logo. 3pt specialists are getting paid nearly $20.000.000 per season in the NBA. With so much value in today's game, shooting workouts should be a priority.

Here is how Steph Curry is working out to be the best shooter in the game.


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