Benefits of Basketball for Children

Benefits of Basketball for Children

by Blog Admin on Apr 20, 2021

Basketball is a popular team sport for children, that suits a range of ages and skill sets. This high-intensity sport enhances physical skills such as agility and coordination, and also helps to develop cognitive abilities including communication, cooperation and concentration. Here’s just a few of the health benefits that will have your family shooting hoops in no time!

Five Ways That Basketball Will Benefit Your Child

  1. It’s a whole-body workout and good for muscle development

Basketball is a high intensity sport and provides a whole-body workout involving running, jumping, hand-eye coordination skills with dribbling and passing the ball, and shooting. Continually moving in the game will also help in increasing endurance and muscle development. This kind of exercise also helps boost aerobic capacity, energy levels and metabolism which all translates into increased concentration levels at school.

  1. The importance of good sportsmanship

This is a vital skill that translates both off and on the court. The Aussie Hoops program focuses on giving everyone a chance at participating in a fun and non-competitive environment. Players are taught to always shake hands with their opponents and referees after every game and take responsibility for their own performance rather than blaming things on others.

  1. Improves social development and team work skills

Playing a team sport such as basketball is a great opportunity for kids to make lasting friendships with team mates and be surrounded by coaches and older players who can be role models for younger players. Participating in a team sport also highlights the importance of working together in a team to achieve their sporting goals and be supportive of one another. Basketball teaches kids the importance of communication skills, the value of listening to one another and effectiveness of teamwork.

  1. The importance of respecting authority

Playing a sport is a great way to give your child a sense of discipline as it involves abiding by game rules and regulations, taking direction from coaches, officials and fellow team members. The Aussie Hoops program gives children the opportunity to regularly interact with coaches, referees and other players, helping them understand the importance of listening and respect for others – both off and on the court.

  1. Increased self-esteem

The involvement in sport is great for your child’s character building and can contribute hugely to their self-esteem. The Aussie Hoops program also emphasizes the fun and enjoyment that can come from basketball, rather than letting children’s self-esteem be distinguished by winning, losing or scoring. As kids realise their Increased skill level and development, it will also contribute to their increased levels of self confidence in their abilities on the court. Being in a supportive team environment with coaches, teammates and encouragement from friends and family are all invaluable in helping build up a child’s self-esteem.