Basketball Training Equipment: Best Recommendations

Basketball Training Equipment: Best Recommendations

by volkan çetin on Mar 06, 2021


Having the right tools makes all the difference. As an athlete, or as a team, you want to make sure that you are not only working hard but that you are working smart and maximizing your gym time. Being able to do that has a lot to do with the equipment that you have at hand. If you want to be able to prepare at an elite level, you need to set yourself up to do so.

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For example Dribbling Goggles. A lot of younger players struggle to keep their eyes up while dribbling a basketball. With dribbling goggles, though, it blocks the player’s eyes from being able to glance down at the basketball. Start learning to dribble with your eyes up with this great ball-handling tool.

And Big Man Pad If you look at the shooting percentages between shooting a contested shot compared to an uncontested shot, you will first make sure that your team is contesting more shots on defense, but secondly, you will see the value of the D Man and learning to shoot over a contested hand. You can use  the Big Man Pad to work on finishes, shooting, or as a defender to make dribble moves past.

Pop Up Defender. No more having to pull out trash cans or set up chairs; the Pop Up Defender will allow you to easily set up and takedown “stationary defenders” for working on ball handling, finishing, and more. Pop Up Defender, Defender Cone also can double as a storage unit if needed.

ShotDoc Shooting Aid. This training tool is designed to force players to keep proper finger spacing when shooting and dribbling. It works really well with shooting, though. A lot of times, younger players struggle with proper finger positioning on their shooting hand, and this tool will help with that.

Block Pad. Great players are able to be physical and handle contact. Whether it is being able to shield off an aggressive defender, boxing out, finishing at the basket, or whatever it might be, players need to learn to play through contact. The blocking pad is a great way to do this while being safe.

As a basketball player or coach, how you spend your time in the gym is valuable. The whole goal of this article is to help provide you with training tools that are going to allow you to maximize your time and effort in the gym. Having the right tools can make all the difference.