10 Highest Paid NBA Players for 2021

10 Highest Paid NBA Players for 2021

by ORTAK CALISMA on Apr 13, 2021

The skills are excellent, the god-given gifts enviable, but perhaps most impressive are the earnings. From King James to Dame Dolla, the richest NBA players are knocking on the three-comma door, some harder than others. Here is a list of the 10 highest paid NBA players for 2021, according to Forbes.

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - LeBron James 2
  1. LeBron James (USD$95.4 million)

Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Total Earnings: USD$95.4 million
Salary: USD$31.4 million
Endorsements: USD$64 million

  1. Steph Curry (USD$74.4 million)

Team: Golden State Warriors
Total Earnings: USD$74.4 million
Salary: USD$34.4million
Endorsements: USD$40 million

  1. Kevin Durant (USD$65.2 million)

Team: Brooklyn Nets
Total Earnings: USD$65.2 million
Salary: USD$31.2 million
Endorsements: USD$34 million

  1. Russell Westbrook (USD$58.1 million)

Team: Washington Wizards
Total Earnings: USD$58.1 million
Salary: USD$33 million
Endorsements: USD$25 million

  1. James Harden (USD$50 million)

Team: Brooklyn Nets
Total Earnings: USD$50 million
Salary: USD$33 million
Endorsements: USD$17 million

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (USD$49 million)

Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Total Earnings: USD$49 million
Salary: USD$22 million
Endorsements: USD$27 million

  1. Klay Thompson (USD$43.3 million)

Team: Golden State Warriors
Total Earnings: USD$43.3 million
Salary: USD$28.3 million
Endorsements: USD$15 million

  1. Kyrie Irving (USD$43 million)

Team: Brooklyn Nets
Total Earnings: USD$43 million
Salary: USD$26 million
Endorsements: USD$17 million

  1. Chris Paul (USD$40.1 million)

Team: Phoenix Suns
Total Earnings: USD$40.1 million
Salary: USD$33.1 million
Endorsements: USD$7 million

  1. Damian Lillard (USD$39 million)

Team: Portland Trailblazers
Total Earnings: USD$39 million
Salary: USD$25 million
Endorsements: USD$14 million